A New Way To View Properties

Property Vision VR

Virtual Reality and Real-Time Visualisation

Virtual Reality & Real-time

We supply your project so it can be viewed in VR or explored freely in real-time via desktop apps.

Interactive Web Tours

We can supply you with interactive tours of your property that can be viewed via 360 images or by a mobile app though the google play store

Video Productions & Still images

Animation and Still Images come as standard with all projects.

Everything you need

With our Premium package you get everything you need to showcase your property and impress potential buyers, including our unique VR system set-up in your home or office location.

We turn your 2D floor plans into

fully interactive 3D Models

What is it?

VR and Real-Time technologies are very new, and we provide a comprehensive list of services in this area. Below we have explained the various terminologies and how they relate to Property Visualisation.


  • Virtual Reality – VR headsets give you the ability to really step inside the space of a property. Once the development has been fully modeled you can then use the headset and hand controllers to roam freely around the property and even edit finishes and details while inside VR. The closet thing to being inside a building before it’s built! We offer a VR service as part of our package where we bring everything to your location to showcase your projects.
  • Real-Time – Not everyone has access to VR headsets in their home yet so this is where Real-Time comes in. We take the fully modeled version of your property and save it as a program that can be run on any PC Computer or Laptop. Once loaded up it works a bit like a computer game where you can navigate around your house or development freely, making changes to furniture and colours via the embedded menus.


  • 360 Tours – A 360 tour is a way of connecting lots of individual 360 images together so you can navigate around the various rooms in a property. While you cant move around forwards or backwards in a 360 image you do have the ability to look around a space in 360 degrees and click on ‘hotspots’ to jump from room to room. We can provide 360 tours that work on any browser and mobile phones/tablets.
  • Google Play Store Apps – If you have an Android based phone you will most likely be familiar with the google play store where you download apps and games for your phone. We can provide a version of your 3D property that you can download via the Google Play store and navigate freely on your phone or tablet.
  • Still Shots & Animation – These are the basic elements of any 3D package. Still shots are like 3D photos of your property, showing all the rooms and spaces.  Animation shows the camera moving through and around these spaces and can be played like any video clip on your Computer or Phone or off YouTube.

Using Virtual Reality Technology you can explore freely


Potential home buyers want to view a show-home before committing – now they can tour a finished property in VR!

Change Furniture and Colours LIVE in your home

360 Web Tours for all devices so you can easily navigate around your property no matter where you are.

We can develop your 3D property as a google-play store App! Download and explore freely with an easy to download application that works on mobile devices.


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